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NIKKI NEWS ALERT: Nikki will be in the movie Pup Star[citation needed] as Lady Paw Paw. If you love Nikki or dogs, this movie is for you!!!!

Welcome to the #1 fan web site of Nicole Margaret Blonsky, better known by us, her fans, as NIKKI!!!! Nicki bursted onto the scene in 2007 in the epic blockbuster ***HAIRSPRAY***, based off the Broadway show Hairspray which was based off the John Waters movie Hairspray! Yup, that's right, Nikki was up on the big screen with the likes of 2-time Oscar-nominee John Travolta, 3-time Oscar nominee Michelle Pfeiffer, Oscar nominee Christopher Walken, Oscar nominee Queen Latifah, and 7-time Emmy Award winner Alisson Janney. Despite all the talent, Nikki really stood on her own! Nikki Blonsky is an insperation to not just normal girls, but even big girls too can be superstars! Nikki has proved that with confedence, hard work, and a big smile, anybody can make it in the land of Hollwood!!!!

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